Today’s office environment is a dynamic collection of elements. It is constantly evolving in response to emerging technologies and employee and customer needs. With all the complexities to consider, managing the modern office workplace is indeed a challenge. At the centre of the challenge is the need for organisations to maintain stimulating and healthy environments for their employees. The workplace has unique challenges resulting from the use of common office tools such as computers, laptops and phones. Increasing your awareness of existing and potential ergonomic issues in the office, knowing how to design the office workstation to fit the office worker, using proper work practices and following a proven ergonomic improvement principles can all improve overall comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Good ergonomic furniture solutions improve productivity. By designing a workstation to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient. Poor ergonomics lead to frustration and cause fatigue in workers who then cannot produce their best work. Good ergonomics improves employee engagement. Employees notice and appreciate that the company is making an effort to ensure not only their health and safety, but also their comfort. Healthy and happy employees are most valuable assets, fostering the best interests of the organisation at all times.

Good ergonomic solutions are not restricted to furniture and equipment. The entire working environment must be ergonomically designed.  This takes into account walking distances between departments that require regular interaction, print stations and pause areas as well as the location and distribution of other facilities.  This does not necessarily mean that facilities should be in close proximity.  It may actually be desirable for staff to move around the building to pause areas, in order to stretch their muscles and get in some healthy movement and exercise. The expense of a good ergonomic solution is absolutely worth the cost. Improved productivity together with reduced absenteeism due to healthy, happy staff is a win-win situation.

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