Interior Design

After the space planning has been concluded, the interior design should be considered and implemented. Interior design involves detail design and specification of colour schemes and finishes which creates the character of the overall working environment. The process also includes detail layouts and choice of finishes as well as the choice of colour schemes, cabinetry, furniture, soft furnishings, artworks, planting, etc. The image created will reflect the brand of the business to the outside as well as the working culture of the personnel on the inside.

Designing the front of house reflects the brand and image of the business to the public. This is the first impression created in the minds of the customer / public and is critical to be a true reflection of the image or the brand that your business wants to portray. Front of house areas include reception & waiting area, boardrooms & conference facilities, etc. (all areas accessible to the public / non-staff members of the organisation)

It is equally important to reflect the working culture of the organisation in the back of house areas where the staff spend most of their time working. Here, specific attention is spent not only on the design and layout of workstations, printing areas and other collaboration areas, but also to rest facilities such as the canteen and pause areas, etc. Well-designed back of house office areas increase the well-being of the staff, resulting in improved productivity.

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