Project Management

The entire process should be managed from start to end, providing a comprehensive professional solution for the project. Furniture is ordered and installed in accordance with a programme under strict supervision by the project manager. Changes and alterations to the layout are managed by the project manager, who is also responsible for cost control.

Supervision of construction and contract administration on site:

  • This includes site supervision and quality control inspections during construction of fixed items, such as drywall partitioning, fixed counters & cabinets, tea kitchens & pause areas, etc.
  • Provide additional information required by all parties during construction on site.
  • Coordinate information flow between all relevant trades.
  • Conduct site meetings every fortnight, as well as site inspections every alternative fortnight, on site.

Time Management:

A program is prepared for the delivery and installation of the furniture and equipment. The program should include adequate detail for delivery, distribution throughout the building, assembly in position and commissioning. All this should be done taking into account the coordination of other services such as data reticulation, lighting, electrical, ventilation, etc.

Time management should include the entire process from inception through to practical completion and handover to the tenant for occupation, through a process of snagging and de-snagging, certify practical completion, works completion and final completion of all work carried out on site.

Quality control:

Furniture and equipment should be checked for quality on delivery. All possible precautions should be taken to prevent damage to furniture and equipment during distribution throughout the building. Ensure that installation is carried out strictly according to the latest approved layout. Quality of installation and commissioning should again be checked after assembly in position, right before handover to the client.

Change Management:

All projects encounter changes and alterations during construction and installation. These alterations are managed by the project manager to avoid “scope creep”. Any alterations should be controlled carefully by recording site instructions and variation orders as these come with a cost implication.

Cost Control:

Contractors, subcontractors as well as all other suppliers are appointed under a fixed contract. Payments of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are based on work completed and approved in accordance with the specifications. Variation orders are strictly managed in order to remain within the contingency allowed in the budget.

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