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Your business may be expanding and you need to start looking for new premises. You may be considering a new location, and this may be the ideal opportunity to upgrade the brand or image of the business.  Regardless of the reason for needing new premises, the information contained in this section will assist you in asking the right questions and finding the right answers.

Before you start your search for new premises, you need to understand the operational dynamics which could impact the optimal spatial requirements for your business. If you have existing premises it is possible that the layout is not ideal and the space utilization may be improved upon. This inefficiency could be the result of out-dated means of interior layouts, use of old furniture and/or employment of dated technological components. The result is that your existing premises may not be a very good working example of your ideal functional requirements.  It may actually be a good example of what you need to avoid when planning a new state of the art home for your business. In such a case, the problems with the existing premises could be used as a guide for finding a solution that will improve the functionality of the business and help to expand it.

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