Why appoint an architect?

As professional architects our primary goal is to guide you, our client, through the process of designing and building in a manner which transforms this potentially daunting process into one that is pleasant and exciting. As experts in the field, we are well qualified to do just that.

Through consultation, we are able to interpret and determine your exact requirements. This interpretation forms the brief which in turn becomes the guiding factor leading to a tailor-made design for your ideal home. Drawing on years of education and experience in the field of design, we are able to formulate this brief into a unique, functional design that considers all possible factors.

Keeping in mind the underlying values and principles of the design, comprehensive documentation is produced to allow the design to be accurately realised. From production of drawings, local authority approval and consulting with other specialists, we ensure all input conforms to the design ideology and necessary quality standards.

This same commitment to quality is carried through to the construction process. Experience enables us to anticipate and identify potential pitfalls thus preventing unnecessary additional costs and delays. All the phases of construction are seamlessly managed to bring the entire process to completion.

One may be inclined to ask: “Does a draftsman not do an architect’s job at a reduced cost?” or “What is the difference between an architect and a draftsman?”
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