Why is Space Planning important?

A large component of any business’ running expenditure is made up of labour cost (salaries of staff & managers of the business) and accommodation, (rental of office space & utilities, etc). Effective space planning has a direct influence on both of these substantial expenses and therefore is a critical factor which can directly affect the bottom line of the business.

The achievable quality of the space planning will directly influence the size of office space required to accommodate your staff complement. Effective space planning ensures optimal use of floor area without wasted space often spent on circulation, unnecessary storage and other wasteful activities and spaces. The ideal is to make optimal use of every millimetre of space for the intended purpose, whether it be workstations, meeting areas, pause areas, and even circulation.  Simply put, a well-considered and designed space plan will allow you to make the best use of your floor area.

The quality and practicality of the environment in which your staff have to function directly influences their well-being. It also has a direct influence on their productivity and can minimise absenteeism. An effective working environment with well-designed amenities has a positive influence on the morale and efficiency of the staff. Happy employees perform better and are more productive. This increased productivity can go a long way in increasing the turnover of the business.

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